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The Outcast V2 is a sprayer mounted slug pellet applicator.

It is a well proven machine developed since 2005 and can now achieve spread widths of up to 48m.  It uses a unique system of satellite spinning disks on the sprayer boom.  The slug pellets are metered from a front or rear mounted hopper into an airstream and blown to satellite spinning discs on the booms for distribution.

The Outcast V2 is the only slug pellet applicator on the market that genuinely gives even distribution at 36m and over.  Each spinning disc is used to spread the pellets a distance of 12 metres in total – 6 metres from the centre line of the disc.

  • Genuine 36m spread width
  • Positively metered pellets
  • Simple Calibration
  • Even Distribution
  • 200L tank capacity
  • NSTS compliant

  • Headland or Sectional control
  • GPS forward speed 
  • Front or rear mounting
  • Fitting kits for popular sprayers
  • 400L tank

  • 16 LPM @40Bar oil

  • Dedicated free flow return

*Please note that no hydraulic hoses are included with the kit

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