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The Multicast is a highly versatile air seeder that can apply most products by simply changing the metering cartridge.

Techneat has manufactured air seeders since the 1990s, Initially starting  with the combine mounted Autocast machine our range quickly expanded to include the cultivator mounted Terracast and more recently the high spec Avacast GR that would apply seeds and Avadex granules. From 2023 we now manufacture the Multicast. This will cover all aspects of our previous range of machines. Small seeds, Cover crops, Slug Pellets and micro granules can be applied by simply changing the metering cartridge. The Multicast is available in 200 or 400L tank sizes and can be mounted to implements or suppled with its own boom and trailer to tow behind a quad. All models come with a powerful fan and an adjustable distribution head to maximise accuracy.

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