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The Outcast Duo is a twin spinning disc applicator.

It is designed to fit on to the flat bed of a utility vehicle, like a Gator or Mule.  It spreads to a distance of 24m and at typical forward speed of up to 15kph.  The control system uses GPS speed sensing and pellets are metered onto each spinning disc so that you can be assured that your application is uniform and accurate.

The Outcast Duo can be fitted to the front or rear tractor linkage or fitted to the front of a 24m sprayer.

  • 250L Hopper
  • GPS forward speed related output
  • Powerful disc motors
  • Sprayer or UTV mounting
  • NSTS Compliant

  • Mounting Frame
  • Hopper cover
  • Skirt to protect buck from pellets

  • High output Alternator

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