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Choose from our wide range of colours and put on all your finishing touches to create a truly bespoke product. Sit back and we'll produce everything for you.


With rotomoulding, a wide range of colours are available. Because the colour is solid throughout the piece, there’s no unsightly chipping of colour. Rotomoulding also gives you the options of either engraved panels put in the tools or multi-coloured moulded in graphics. Both options are a permanent way of showing logos and/or safety data or other instructions.

Added features

With rotational moulded we can add many different features that enhance your products.

  • Moulding in graphics can be applied post moulding and become part of the product, they are virtually impossible to remove and are a great way of adding company logos, contact information and safety date.

  • Moulded in inserts are added post moulding, these can be used as outlets on liquid tanks of fixing point for other parts or holding products in place. They can be either brass, plated steel or stainless steel.

  • Textures can be added to the tools to give a more premium look if required.

  • The colour of rotationally moulded parts can be changed from one cycle to the next so the client can offer a wide range of colours to the end user.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more about these added features.

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