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Lightweight by design but strong construction makes this line marker easy-to-use and durable.  The plastic paint tank forms part of the body of the machine reducing the number of components and keeping costs and complexity down.  The transfer wheels are also manufactured from durable plastic making them long lasting and lightweight.  All components are manufactured on site at our plastic moulding facility in Littleport. Cambridgeshire

The Aculine does not suffer from corrosion like metal line markers.  It can be cleaned more easily because the paint does not bond to the chemically inert plastic.

  • Simple elegant design
  • 20 litre capacity
  • Pneumatic rear wheels
  • 50,70 or 100mm marker wheels
  • Drain Plug

  • 50mm / 2" Tennis
  • 75mm / 3" Paint saver
  • 100mm / 4" Standard

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