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The Prodrift keeps spray drift to an absolute minimum whilst maintaining maximum accuracy and offers unparalleled  maneuverability due to its unique 3 wheel set up.

A brand new addition to the Techneat range of sprayers - The Prodrift - uses a High Power Li-On Battery to power a 12v pump supplying 4 spray nozzles mounted into a spray hood. Using 2 fixed wheels and a single pivot wheel at the front the machine is extremely easy to use and spray up against boundaries - its flexible skirt  retaining all spray drift. This enables the machine to be used in not only critical areas but in less than favorable weather conditions. 

There is pressure control which is easy to adjust and monitor using the highly visible pressure gauge. A simple handle bar mounted on/off switch makes day to day use very easy.

  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Low decibel operation
  • Low vibration
  • Tough Rotomoulded Boom cover with integrated skirt
  • Unique 3 wheel set up
  • Maximum Accuracy around boundaries

  • 35L tank
  • 1m Effective spray width
  • 12v Li-on battery
  • Compatible charger
  • Easily adjustable pressure
  • Easily accessible filter
  • Fully covered boom
  • 3 wheels 



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