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The Nutristart LQ is a highly accurate starter fertiliser applicator. Early application of N-P fertiliser can help get the crop ahead of the competing weeds and establish strong root structure before the cold weather of winter. Stronger crops are less susceptible to slug and pigeon menace and are more likely to develop a broad canopy preventing birds landing in the crop.

The spray is typically applied in a pencil jet behind each leg so that only the rape seed benefits from the nutrients. placing fertiliser deeper by spraying directly behind the leg encourages deeper roots in to he disturbed soil.

The Nutristart LQ control system can be linked with Multicast seeder so that only one GPS sensor and work switch is shared between both units - A convenient and tidy solution that also saves money.

  • Liquid fertiliser placement
  • GPS speed control with pressure sensor
  • Straightforward calibration
  • In cab rate control

  • High output pump
  • Front linkage or implement style chassis
  • 600L or 1000L tank
  • Multiple outlet options
  • SS metering discs a range of sizesĀ 
  • Can be linked into Multicast for GPS /work switch signal
  • Tines or spray bars/pencil jetsĀ 
  • Control system only - use your own tank

The Nutristart LQ

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