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The Multicast is a multi use air seeder. Combining the jobs of the Terracast V2, Autocast V2 and Avacast GR the Multicast covers many jobs on the farm.

The 400L tank version is typically mounted on large rolls or drills.  Reducing the number of passes on the field cuts down soil compaction and fuel costs. The unit has a 400L hopper and uses the Techneat rate controller to monitor forward speed and adjust output automatically using a Garmin GPS sensor. Different distribution heads are available to suit all widths - outlet options include the well proven twin spreader plates giving 500mm spacing across the machine or a conventional single spreader plate.

The machines are supplied as a kit ready to be fitted including all hose work/clamps wiring kit etc.

  • Powerful hydraulic fan

  • Supplied with one metering cartridge of choice

  • Large 400 litre hopper

  • Metering matched to forward speed via Garmin GPS

  • Tunable distribution head ensuring NSTS compliance.

  • Flexible mounting

  • Flexible number of outlets

  • Small seeds, Cover crop, Avadex and grass seed cartridges

  • Hopper level sensor

  • Seed flow sensor

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