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The Multicast 400 trailed unit is one of the most versatile and easy to use "straight to field" applicators on the market. This unit can be towed behind a 450cc quad bike or UTV. The trailer unit has a wide track to reduce ground pressure alongside theĀ  well respected GEO Boom ensuring that the boom travels level across even the roughest terrain - 12m or 15m configurations are possible. The machine uses a reliable Honda 5.5HP engine to drive the fan unit and Garmin GPS unit to drive the metering unit with a Techneat rate control system. This machine will accurately apply Avadex or seeds across the working width - making use of a tunable distribution head to ensure NSTS compliance. The units are set up ready to go. Just fill the hopper and add some petrol and go spreading!

This unit is very popular with contractors for applying Avadex granules.

  • 400L hopper

  • Supplied with one metering cartridge of choice

  • High quality Correct load rated tyres

  • Trailer suspension

  • Bullet proof Honda engine

  • GEO Boom (manual fold)

  • Plastic mud guards

  • GPS rate control

  • NSTS tested ready to go

  • 12m or 15m boom

  • Twin axle option available

  • Small seeds, Cover crop, Avadex and grass seed cartridges

*Please note the unit is not rated for highway use.

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