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The Microcast  is a granular applicator for nematicide or starter fertiliser.

When it is used for nematicide it is commonly mounted on a front single bed tiller with the planter on the back of the tractor.  The metering cartridges are specially designed for Nemathorin to resist wear. The Hopper can be supplied with sure fill adpaters to reduce operator exposure to a minimum,

The rate controller allows the operator to adjust the application rate easily from the cab at the touch of a button, no more wasted time working out ratios and changing sprockets

  • GPS rate controller
  • Apcal cartridges
  • Robust plastic hopper
  • Powdercoated frame for durability
  • Easy to fit

  • 30, 70 or 250 litre hopper options
  • Fishtails 
  • Sure fill adapter for nematicide
  • Multiple outlet options
  • Air Assist when fitting is awkward

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