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The Maxicast is principally a nematicide applicator for 3 bed tillers.  

The mounting can either be front or rear as the product delivery point.  The hydraulic fan is capable of blowing nematicide product from the front to the back and evenly distributing across a width of up to 6m.

 In the pictures on this page it is being  used to apply Nemathorin on Potato beds. We built these units for a customer who specified that the Maxicast would connect to their tractor via ISO bus and by using 2 metering units we could use 1/2 width shut off. ISO bus enabled the field map data and forward speed to directly operate the Maxicast allowing for variable rate and headland control.


It can also be used to apply cover crops by simply changing the metering cartridge.

  • 400L Hi capacity Hopper
  • Sure fill adapter
  • Tuneable distribution head for NSTS compliance
  • GPS forward speed sensor
  • Single cartridge limits wear

  • Front or rear mounting
  • 3 point linkage chassis with 3.6m or 5.4m boom
  • ISO BUS controller
  • Half width shut off

  • 16 LPM @40Bar oil

  • Dedicated free flow return

*Please note that no hydraulic hoses are included with the kit

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