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The Placement Pro Air is a front mounted fertiliser applicator which is typically used to band conventional or prilled fertiliser over 3 beds.

It has an electronic control system and stainless steel components to ensure accurate, corrosion free operation.  The 1500 litre hopper is designed to accommodate a 1 tonne bulk bag or 2 600kg bags of fertiliser to minimise filling time.

The powerful hydraulic fan ensures the delivery pipes do not become blocked and forward speeds can be kept high.

The Placement Pro Air is commonly used by salad, vegetable and growers.

  • 1500 Litre hopper
  • Versatile air delivery method
  • GPS speed sensing
  • Front mounted hopper
  • Intergral Weight frame
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Stainless steel metering unit

  • Various placement solutions to suit your requirements
  • Lighting kit
  • Suitable for Potato, Veg and salad crops
  • 2 different sized augers to suit all rates and speeds

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